7 de setembro de 2012


Memories drift in shadows,
Shadows drift in the heart.
Regret, is but a pebble
That drives memories apart.
We let the wind go by,
Immune to the storm held inside.
We let the rain pour down
Like tears that we can't hide.
What's a soul without nightfall ?
We hold the lock deep within
But it's said the key is gone,
Dumped into life's wastebin.
In darkness we learn
But in light, we prosper.
There're no stasis phases,
Only timings that are proper.
So let's all watch the sunrise
And it be our company.
The only way to feel sad
Is to run away from destiny.

[ We often face our rainy days as if they never end. We think that the only way to be happy is to see the sun. But if we keep that thought, the sun may be up and we miss it, blinded by the obsession of needing such days to come. We don't let the darker days teach us to see the sun. Let's make the light shine, embrace the changes, be ready to learn. There's no ending, no beginning, only new sunrises, new paths, new things to learn. And a whole new world to explore within us. ]

1 comentário:

  1. Olá, João Silva, os poetas por vezes param de escrever, fazem pausas, por variáveis razões! Depois voltam! Espero que seja isso, porque teria muita pena se não voltasse-mos a ter o prazer da sua poesia.
    Um Abraço.