1 de agosto de 2010

Hurtful soul [ remake ]

This is where I stand.
Thinking over and over again about things I can’t understand.
And feelings I can’t control.
About how people can underrate each other’s hearts and ignore them…
About the selfish acts they commit just to make themselves feel better…
About how easily discarded feelings are for all of them…
It hurts my soul to witness all this and so much more…
It hurts my lost, stranded soul to witness…the endlessly moving world.

This is where I stood.
Over thinking about how the world is unfair.
And how nobody cares about it.
About how I let myself get caught in so many devastating claws…
About the fate that keeps throwing rocks at me to trip over…
About how hard it is to fit in when I feel so different…
It hurts my heart to see how things always turn out…
It hurts my lost, abandoned heart to lose…the ability to love again.

This is where I will stand.
But not lost.
Not thinking how things should go differently.
And how bad they make me feel.
About how I desperately wish to finally feel like life’s worth living…
About the numerous heartaches and desperate ways I once fell into…
About how fragile I once thought I was…
It doesn’t hurt my being, not now, not anymore…
It doesn’t hurt me because I know how to fight and it won’t be all in vain!

This is where the story unfolds.
You are what you are, don’t ever doubt of yourself.
And the perilous path will finally guide you to safety!

1 comentário:

  1. "You are what you are, don’t ever doubt of yourself." *_*

    Parece que alguma coisa mudou em ti... E para melhor ;)

    Engraçado, também fiz um remake de um post no meu blog ^^