23 de julho de 2010

Eyes of eternity

I’ve been wondering through this sleepless slumber.
I’ve been searching for something long lost.
I can’t fix what’s been split asunder.
I can’t heal my soul on my own without a single cost.

They say I’m experiencing a dreamless dream.
They say I’m nothing but a shadow of my former self.
They never tried to swim against the deadly stream.
They never understood I’m not just another book on the top shelf.

You told me you were leaving this desolate place.
You told me you would try to fight for something new.
You left me behind and led me to such disgrace.
You left me behind like a leaf without morning dew.

You’ve always been a magical inspiration
You’ve always been the word I needed to hear.
You never misunderstood my invitation.
You never said no when I wanted you near.

They chase after me with their words of despair.
They chase after me with their cleaving arrogance.
They cannot lecture me on what they find fair.
They cannot fight my foolhardy resilience.

I can now see what all others cannot.
I can now see how their eyes are really blind.
I will watch their selfish hearts shrink and rot.
I will keep my eyes of eternity open for you to find.

“Sometimes, it’s not about one arriving or leaving…for their hearts will be together at all times, no matter what. That’s what eyes of eternity stand for: as long as you keep the deepest friendships and love inside your heart, they will always watch over you, and you will always watch over them…”

[ Dedicado a Stefanie Ann Caria, que foi para os Estados Unidos e será sempre lembrada :D ]

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