29 de dezembro de 2010

Fields of innocence

Innocence is numb.
I want nature to be able to hold my hand.
But I can't even feel its green thumb.
My innocence had better days.
Apparently there's something called brain.
As ignorant happiness goes, conscience stays.
I miss those fields of innocence.
The times of a child, memories of old.
A heart of joy where you couldn't feel absence.
Innocence kept racing like a heartbeat.
We were too young to know or care.
There was nothing that could make us retreat.
And now innocence is gone.
I no longer remember the path to those fields.
In my imagination, they were undone.
There's no innocence left in this world of ours.
Time will corrupt us all and make us weak.
We shall fade in these dark and innocent hours.

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