20 de maio de 2010

Dark forest of life

There is a place.
A place frightening to many.
A place mysteriously appealing to few.
Beneath the trees and dirt, the souls gather.
They cry for a new dawn, a dawn that never comes...
The roots, they make drawings on the ground.
The leaves, they dance with the silence around them.
Rumor goes that there's a lonely spirit wondering amongst the shadows.
Some claim that it's an enraged ghost.
Others avidly believe it's the embodiment of love, waiting for another lost soul.
You can sometimes find it, near the crystal clear fountains and chanting streams of water.
You can hear its whispers in the darkest corners and hidden chasms.
Mists run across this forest of lust and fear.
Rain falls down, shy winds blow.
There it is, that presence.
It's looking away.
...The wind stops blowing.
The air becomes thick and heavy.
Our eyes meet, as the leaves start falling like the rain.
Sweatdrops keep the rain company.
My muscles are tense, my pulse is racing.
Nothing happens afterwards.
You, me, that scenario of light and darkness...
It was all in my head.
That dark forest held more than just myths and legends.
All around us wasn't placed randomly.
That dark forest...was my heart.
And you...you're that serene spirit, the source of happiness in me.
You're my protector, you're the essence of life in my dark forest.

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