27 de maio de 2010

Stain of fate

Today, I noticed the sky wasn't blue.
I noticed the sea wasn't blue either.
Clouds made the sky dark.
Clouds made the sea dark.
Such a metaphor in my mind.
"Those are stains in the wilds, opposing the natural beauty of things."
Stains? Why would such a concept come around like that, loud and clear...?
Then I realized it.
It all came immediately to my head, with no blurs, no hidden meanings.
Life is filled with stains.
Selfish acts, selfish causes, secondary intentions, lack of true feelings, false states of being.
In other words, human nature.
That is as much of a blessing as it is a curse.
Self-awareness turned the cunning into murderers of morals.
Intelligence destroyed any sort of self-righteousness, due to the comfort that "today" provides.
If only the origins of life knew of such a future.
They would think the same thing.
"We let a stain grow such in size, that nothing but disaster can actually destroy it."
We're so keen to defend our own noses, we forget...we forget the real meaning as to why we're here.
Please sneeze and stop this stupid tease!
When does madness end and brilliancy begin?
If need be, I will be considered a stain myself...I derive from all these genetic mistakes.
I am nothing but just that, a stain in this pile of trash that's Mankind.
Then I look at the sea again...
Oh, so beautiful...the stains have faded.
I presume nature would fix the stains of this world.
Maybe it could fix the stains of sin...?
All I know for certain, is that this metaphor of life and waste will remain in my head.
For as long as there're people who just don't realize, while they live their ignorant and bliss lives, the meaning.
The reason of it all.
The stain of reasoning.

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