8 de março de 2011

Unchained emotions

The world's heart has long been at a standstill.
Man's soul has long known how to remain tranquil.

Emotions have been chained for being deemed too dangerous.
In truth, the mind has always been the most treacherous.

We constantly chase the silhouette of perfection.
Wanting the impossible can be either fuel or destruction.

We're just as bloodthirsty as our past.
Our obsession to fix the inevitable just lets us sink fast.

Our hopes and dreams left us undone
Because we stupidly learned to keep none.

Our suffering is only ours to blame.
By chaining our emotions we put out our inner flame.

I wonder why we chose to live in the dark.
I wonder why we decided to be like dogs that can't bark.

I learned to listen to my heart and dream.
I learned to deal with my pain and just scream.

So kiss while your lips are still red.
Enjoy the moment, don't let it cause you dread.

Unchain your emotions and you will feel free.
Let go of your problems and hold on to me.

Let us explore what's beyond fear and sorrow.
Let us live today to have a better tomorrow.

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