19 de maio de 2011

You, me, the world

Late night falls upon my face,
Silent, dancing without a trace.
All those sleepless nights,
All my joys, all my frights.
I can't change who I am inside,
These feelings, they cannot hide.
I'm a simple soul lost in life,
A road that goes on, with joy and strife.

But I dreamed of you and me,
A day for us, a path for we.
Life's not all but regret,
There's still our beautiful sunset.
I have many dreams still hidden,
Many wishes by fate forbidden.
I've been blind with eyes wide open,
I've always been strong, yet broken.

You can't change everything,
Life's not a thing you can fling.
But you can learn from what's bad,
It doesn't mean you can't be sad.
There're all kinds of amazing ways
To live and learn in the darkest days.
I want to keep going with a grin,
Kick this arrogant world in the chin.

If everything's meant to last just a while,
Why don't you tag along and simply smile?

3 comentários:

  1. Beautiful...

    How strange it is to read something that a while ago, to me, seemed something too complicated to express and you just easily wrote it on paper. Very inspirational.

    Your journey on how you perceive the world never seizes to amaze me.

  2. Emocionei-me ao ler isto. Está soberbo!

  3. =') Uma honra ouvir tamanhas palavras !