17 de novembro de 2014

Silence and Sanity

Left by unveiled consciousness of the old days,
Dark, relentless memories invade the mind.
I'm left to wonder why the present criticizes the old ways,
To question the sanity in me that I'm yet to find.

Discovered by the languid embrace of silence
I find peace within the pain of thinking,
Of feeling nothing but thoughts so dense
Like waves that never wash ashore, swirling.

Is there but a moment of truce in me ?
Confidence is afraid of its own shadow,
Darkness is afraid of what it can't see,
Light is an illusion in a heart so hollow.

There comes a moment when all fades away,
Light is darkness, shadows are real,
Thoughts so dense finally led astray
Into the world of those who can feel.

We grow out of innocence and purity,
We fight despite knowing our impending doom.
Silence and sanity are jealous of our maturity,
For we are life's most unpredictable heirloom.

[ I'll let your consciousness decide whether life is as menacing as darkness or as bright as the sun. Who knows, maybe you'll find that things are what they seem...but are you what they influence ? ]

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