8 de julho de 2010

A dream of a real bond

I had a dream.
I had this weird dream nobody could possibly visualize the way I did...
I was there, I believe I was.
Could have been someone else I was representing.
I opened my eyes and I was standing at a limbo.
I saw several different faces, some distant, some nearby.
Yours was the first one I was shocked to see.
People felt so empty...so not like themselves.
Someone reached for my arm.
He seemed different, though he was unfamiliar to me...
He said that all those people I knew were gone.
Sooner or later you would be moving on to the light.
I couldn't...I refused to believe it.
For some reason unbeknownst to myself, you were too important to throw away.
You were there unfairly.
I felt it deep inside my being.
Not even I could explain what I was doing there, but I had to save you, somehow...
I woke up from that dream, startled, anxious, shaking.
I didn't know when or why you were gone, but I had to have you back.
I would do anything to receive that special cuddle once again.
I would say anything to keep you from crying that last tear.
I couldn't take the pain away, but I could ease it...
I couldn't be your love, but I could be your shoulder...
You're just too important to leave behind!
I do not know how I will save you, but I'm corageous.
I'm determined, I'm warm hearted.
I will go far and beyond this world to reach you, just like in my dream.
There's a reason why you were there amongst the crowd, standing out...
There's a reason why I found the strength to save you.
True feelings don't grow in just one day, they're there.
Waiting to bloom, waiting for their true empowered heart container.
There's nothing in the world that replaces that connection.
There's nothing, not ever, that could fill in the emptiness inside me.
You're mine, I'm yours.
And our friendship will prevail through time, through walls, through dirt.
Our bond shall never faulter!

[ Inspirado num sonho que realmente sucedeu e deixou-me sem palavras. A forma como tudo se conjugou conseguiu derrubar a minha capacidade de imaginação. Creio que tal assunto será novamente abordado, mas desta vez num possível livro a desenvolver. Concordam? Espero que gostem :) ]

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  1. Damn you! You made me cry...

    Acho que está lindo *_*

    O nosso inconsciente sabe mais que o nosso consciente e consegue surpreender-nos! Também tenho um sonho descrito no meu blog...